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Dear [Salutation],
I am writing in response to your advertisement in Sales Power for a Customer Service Agent for
your organization. I feel that I am an exact match after thoroughly reviewing the requirements and
preferences mentioned in the job description. I am an experienced Customer Service Agent with
eight years of training and producing results for my employers. I have a diverse background in
providing customer service in various industries including telecommunications, education, and
information technology.
My current position as a Customer Service Agent with P-Mobile Corporation entails assisting
customers in filing insurance claims regarding phone defects, answering customer inquiries,
record keeping, accounts receivable management, and account development. I am also trained as a
Help Desk Support technician in who provided IT tech services during my employment with
TylerKellyPerry Computer Systems. Your organization mentions the need for a multi-faceted
individual is an exact definition of my previous accomplishments and easy adaptability to fulfill
your organization's sales goals.
For further evidence of my qualification, I have enclosed my resume and three references from
previous employers which describe my distinction and suitability for your company. Please feel
free to contact each reference in regards to my qualifications or myself at 000-000-0000 to discuss
this opportunity in detail.
Thank you for your time.
Your name (signed)
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