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5684 West 32nd St. #243
Chapel Hill, NC 87512
June 25
, 2002
Mr. James Riley
Personnel Manager
Top Automobile Manufacturer
3040 Round Road
Detroit, Michigan 48095
Dear Mr. Riley:
I am writing in response to your recent advertisement for a customer sales
representative that was listed in the Sunday, June 24
edition of the Detroit Press. With
my strong people skills and determined work ethic, I would make an excellent addition
to Top Automobile Manufacturer.
I admire your company's vision to be the worldwide leader in the automotive industry
and to be committed to providing "total customer enthusiasm" through your employees. I
have the ability to generate customer enthusiasm. I recently completed an extensive 40
hour mediation course. This training provided me with the skills necessary to analytically
separate fact from emotion in order to manage disputes and resolve conflicts in the most
effective, practical, and positive manner possible. These techniques are essential in
satisfying the interests of the customer while still protecting the interests of Top
Automobile Manufacturer.
In accordance with the mediation certificate, my academic studies at The University of
North Carolina in Communication and Organizational Management have given me a
diverse curriculum that relates directly to your organizational culture. I am referring to
your dedicated approach to strengthening employee commitment by actively
facilitating, teamwork, leadership, and motivation. I am certain that, by incorporating
my own knowledge and experience from these same areas, I can guide employees
toward achieving common objectives. I can also assist in the improvement of customer
relations in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.
The enclosed resume is a summary of my qualifications, training and experience. I will be
in the Detroit Metroplex area the second week of July. I would be honored to interview
with you while in Detroit. I will call you the first of next week to try to schedule an
interview date. Please feel free to contact me at (815) 468-2534 if you have any questions
or need any additional information. I look forward to meeting with you.
Jillana E. George
Enclosure: Resume
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