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Sample Cover Letters • Full-time position
77 West 10th Street
Apt. 3
Charlotte, North Carolina 28111
January 24, 201_
Anthony Shields
US Air
Post Office Box 0000
Charlotte, NC 23899
Dear Mr. Shields:
I believe that I could make a valuable contribution as a customer representative for US Air. I will
be graduating from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte this June with a Bachelor of
Arts degree in German, which exceeds the general qualifications that you require for the position.
Throughout my high school and college years, I have held several service oriented jobs which
have given me some very valuable experience that will help me as a customer representative. The
past two summers I waited tables at a country club and at an amusement park evening restaurant. I
thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and working hard to make their lunch or dinner pleasant.
I have always had very positive feedback of my work from my superiors which I believe is due to
my ambitious, energetic and determined nature. With this experience in the service environment
along with my language background, I believe I would be an asset to USAirways.
Please review the attached resume for further details of my work experience, leadership
responsibilities and other involvement throughout my college career. I would be happy to answer
any questions you may have. Also at this time, I would like to request a formal application and an
interview date with your company. I will be contacting you next week for further details. Thank
you for your time.
Sincerely yours,
Jennifer D. Riffle
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