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Richard McKinley,
House No. 274,
Western Plaza 45/87,
NV 75876, California
Contact No.: 155-678-5237
Ms. Katherine Keller,
Hiring Manager,
Collingwood Crafts Studio,
267/93, South California
Subject: Application for the position of a Custom Jeweler in your company
Dear Madam,
I came across the opening of a custom jeweler with reference to Mr. Knitter, assistant manager
imitation jewelry. He informed me that you are in search of a custom jeweler.
I would like to inform you that since completing a certified master jeweler program I have been
working as an assistant to a jeweler. I have 5 years of experience in jewelry customization. In
addition to this I have also completed courses or CAD and CAM i.e. related to computer aided
designing and machining. It helps me to improve my speed and efficiency and create an entirely
digital customized level of jewelry. I am well acquainted with advanced stone settings and hand
Please find the enclosed specimen photos of the designs and resume copy. Hope you will consider
the application in a positive light and give me a chance to have a personal interaction with you.
Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
Richard McKinley
Specimen photographs of the designs
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