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226 South 49th Street
Drums, Pennsylvania 18222
March 6, 2010
Fred Jones, Manager
Executive Recruitment
XYZ Systems Development Corporation
200 Race Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
Dear Mr. Jones:
I am writing to apply for the Systems Analyst position that I saw posted online through the Career
Services office of Widener University. This position interests me because it affords the opportunity
to combine my programming skills with the knowledge of information technology gained through
As the enclosed resume indicates, I will receive a degree in Business Administration from
Widener University in May. My major concentration is in Management Information Systems. My
coursework has provided me with a foundation in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and an
understanding of the role of workflow management. Through summer work experience at Siemens
Medical, I have gained a solid background in various applications, languages, and operating
systems including Microsoft 2003 server, Windows scripting, SAP, Java, and XML. I am
confident that my coursework, combined with my previous work experience, would allow me to
make a strong contribution to XYZ Systems Development Corporation.
I would appreciate having an opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss my qualifications
and your professional needs in detail. I can be reached at 215-555-1212 or by email at Thank you for your consideration.
Alexandra Reed
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