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Kitchen Assistant Cover Letter Example
Dear Mrs Phillips,
I am writing with reference to your advertisement in the Birmingham Post inviting applications for
the position of a kitchen assistant at Dudley’s Restaurant.
I hold all the qualifications needed for a kitchen assistant as described in your advertisement. I
have over two years experience as a kitchen assistant and I hold a level 2 Hygiene Certificate.
I have experience of assisting the chef in preparation of food, cleaning the table and kitchenware,
unloading kitchen supplies and placing them in the right place in the store, and handling light
cooking duties. As a kitchen assistant, I am used to cleaning and cutting vegetables, fruits, poultry,
meat, and fish.
I am familiar with the operation of kitchen gadgets like oven, stove, blender, coffee maker, and
toaster. I am very particular about hygiene and I keep the kitchen spotlessly clean. I also ensure
clean and tidy crockery, cutlery, and silverware.
It will be a pleasure to work with a company renowned for its considerate and professional style of
operating. I have attached my CV for your consideration and I have provided two references for
you to confirm my working history. I look forward to a response at your earliest convenience.
Yours sincerely,
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