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Re: Community Advocate Position
Dear Ms. Name,
I am very interested in your posting for a Community Advocate, which I found through the
CareerZone on the St.
John Fisher website. My enthusiasm for community building along with my
recent Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
with a minor in Psychology, prompted me to forward my
resume to you immediately with the hope of further
discussing my qualifications for this position.
In addition to my strong academic background, I have had valuable team building and leadership
experiences, both
as Captain of the Fisher Soccer team and in my volunteer work as a Service
Scholar. Among the projects our
service group actively supports are the Habitat Housing Project in
the city of Rochester and the new tutoring
program in the East Rochester High School Math &
Writing Center. I was part of an active group of advocates for
those students whose parents could
not afford regular tutor fees and later helped to co-design the curriculum.
The posting for Community Advocate states that self-motivation and leadership are key qualities
in a successful
candidate. I believe my background and dedication to service of those in need
demonstrates my personal drive to
make a difference in my community. I was also privileged to
discover the richness of cultural history and diversity
during my semester abroad at the University
of Limerick in Ireland.
I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss how I can make a positive contribution to
XYZ organization as
a Community Advocate. I can be contacted through email at______ or phone
at __ . Thank you very much for
your consideration.
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