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Paul M. Brown
Jane Society
1604 Bryan Avenue, Block - Y, Lane 57,
Afton, MN, USA
Contact Number - (651) 436 5052
Olga T. Scaggs
Human Resources Officer
Dartmouth State College
2821 Farland Street, 18/22 Ginger Lane,
Afton, MN, USA
Re: Application for College Instructor position
Dear Mr. Scaggs,
This is in response to the recommendation made by Professor Jones for the available position of
College Instructor. I have applied for the post at your renowned Dartmouth State College. As per
specified by Professor Jones, I have enclosed my resume with extra details along with this application.
Recently, I have completed my Masters in Literary Criticism and also hold a Grade III Certificate in
Critical Reading and Digital Storytelling. During my graduation, I have successfully completed my
internship from Xavier State College where I assisted various senior lectures and instructors in their
work. I was assigned to a variety of duties that included conducting practical training of students,
assisting seniors in their research, preparing discipline guidelines, helping students to solve their
academic problems, etc. In this way, I have competent knowledge as I have assisted in various
departments like music, mathematics, history and arts. Therefore, I assure you that I have maximum
potential of using my accurate knowledge in the field of teaching.
I believe that my credentials are capable and efficient enough to stand your mentioned job requirements
and so, I kindly request you to consider me for the applied position. Please feel free to call me on the
mentioned contact details as per your convenience. Look forward to meet you in person for further talk.
Thanking You.
Yours Sincerely
Paul M. Brown
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