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41 Easton Street, Apt. 7b
Brighton, MA 02040
October 25, 2---
Patrick Monahan
Kelly & Edwards, P.C.
150 Trapelo Road
Providence, RI 21712
Dear Mr. Monahan:
I am writing in response to your firm’s advertisement in Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly
(10/23/--) for a civil litigation associate. I have four years of litigation experience, primarily related to
family law matters. I am now looking to expand my legal skills and expertise and to relocate to Rhode
Island. I am admitted to both the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Bars.
As a family law attorney for legal services organizations in Massachusetts, I have had the
opportunity to gain a great deal of client contact experience as well as experience in effective written
advocacy, oral argument, negotiation and creative problem solving. For the most part, my work has
involved representing indigent victims of domestic violence. This work requires the ability to respond
quickly to legal crises and to work on a range of issues, including housing, welfare and disability law
matters. In addition, I have had the opportunity to focus on complicated jurisdictional matters arising
when a victim flees the state with the children to escape an abusive relationship.
While I love the work that I do, I am ready for a change and am interested in expanding my
area of legal experience and expertise. I am excited to embark on a new journey and believe that the
legal skills I have gained thus far are transferable and make me an ideal candidate for the associate
position at your firm. I am available for an interview at your convenience. You can contact me at
home (617) 337-1234 or at work confidentially at (617) 6503-1035. I have enclosed my resume,
references and a writing sample. Thank you for your consideration.
Yours truly,
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