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Cover Letter Civil Engineer
<enter date>
<enter your full address>
Dear <enter name of person receiving application>
I wish to apply for the position of Civil Engineer as advertised at <enter where job listing was
found>. This position seems an ideal opportunity for me as it matches my experience, knowledge
and career aspirations.
As you will see when going over my CV, I have many years worth of experience working on civil
engineering projects. My extensive engineering background and experience has provided me with
the opportunity to develop strong client relationship building skills and the ability to successfully
lead teams. I have an extensive background in the principles of civil engineering which
encompasses planning, designing, implementing and overseeing the construction and
maintainence of structures and facilities.
I would like the opportunity to sit down with you to go over my application and your goals. Please
feel free to contact me at your convenience so that we can set up an interview. Thank you for
taking the time to review my application and CV – I look forward to hearing from you.
<enter name>
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