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Dear (name),
I would like to inquire about the possibility of being able to join your team of Child Care
specialists as an assistant at (name of the company/day care school). I passed by in person the
other day and learnt that there is no current opening for such a position but was informed to
submit my request formally in writing, just in case!
I have been working as a Child Day Care assistant for (number) years now, and am currently
employed at (place of employment) where I have been for the last (length of time). I am very
happy there but I now am looking for a change after I recently moved homes. My work is now
unfortunately too much of a commute for me and I would much prefer to be closer to work to be
able to make the most of my workday and personal family life.
(name of the target company) is only a 10-minute walk from my house making it a very appealing
alternative for me.
I am extremely qualified in a wide range of fulltime, day care/child care responsibilities such as
indoor or outdoor activity organization, diaper changing, keeping a clear and organized feeding
and snack time schedule as well as starting a toddler out on their potty training needs. I am
passionate about children and love being around them no matter what age. I have gained my
experience through life rather than through studies but this has not so far hindered me in my career
Many daycare centers tend to have a high ratio of child to child care assistant to maximize their
earnings, but one thing which I highly admire at (name of target company) is you pride yourselves
on specializing in smaller, more personal groups, with a maximum of (number) children per child
care assistant.
I would like to thank you for your time today in reading my letter.
Please find enclosed my Resume and career history.
Looking forward to hearing from you
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