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Chef Cover Letter
Katya Pivorava
10 Sample Street
Sampletown Sampleton 0000
Tel: 000 0000 00000
Mobile/Cell: 0000 000 000
Mr David Albert
Restaurant Manager
Willowbrook Restaurant
1 Example Avenue
Exampletown Example Suburb 0000
01 May 2009
Dear Mr Albert,
I am writing to apply for the position of Chef at Willowbrook Restaurant, which was advertised in
Hospitality World magazine on the 30th April 2010.
I am a passionate, hardworking and creative chef with exceptional skills in both devising and
preparing menus and motivating and supervising kitchen staff.
After completing my apprenticeship with Jambucket Cafe and Restaurant in 2003, I was employed
as a Menu Consultant to Darvag Hotels Group. I devised a menu around the theme of trusted,
traditional Italian favourites with a modern approach in seasoning and cooking techniques. John
Lightfoot of Cuisine magazine declared the food at Darvag to be “an exceptional experience in
hotel dining. Every restaurant can claim to do spaghetti bolognaise, but only Darvag can produce
this old favourite, with a new variety of herbs and spices, achieving such delicious results.”
I felt that I had achieved as much as I desired with Darvag Hotels and I felt the strong desire to
return to the kitchen and actively prepare and serve the menus I design. I am also keen to mentor
new apprentices and guide them in correct techniques and steer them towards a fulfilling career in
preparing delicious and nutritious food.
Over 10 years, I have built a steadfast network of dependable suppliers who can deliver high-
quality produce to meet strict budgetary requirements. My preference is for local produce as it
keeps a lid on delivery and packaging costs, while also building our relationships with local
suppliers and brands.
Having worked in numerous kitchens over the years, and in visiting Darvag Hotels to supervise
the preparation and delivery of my menu, I was exacting about the neatness and layout of the
kitchen. A well-designed and furnished kitchen optimises efficient procedures and enhances the
final product. It is also a much more enjoyable environment to work in for staff.
I believe my exceptional culinary expertise, previous experience and positive reviews make me
the perfect Chef for Willowbrook Restaurant.
I am available to meet with you to discuss the position in greater detail and I look forward to
hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Katya Pivorava
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