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Career Development Oice, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
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I am writing to apply for the CDM Project Manager vacancy which I saw posted on the Reuters
Carbon Community website. I am interested in engaging with a company in its growth phase and enhancing
its participation in the CDM/JI markets. I am confident that my experience with CDM project development
and knowledge of the United Nations policy framework, as well as my strong independent initiative and
analytical skills, make me an ideal candidate for the position.
This spring I am completing a Master of Environmental Management at the Yale School of Forestry
& Environmental Studies, where I have been focusing on the social and political issues surrounding climate
change mitigation and adaptation. My master’s project explores reforming the CDM to make it more
effective in fostering large infrastructure changes in developing countries. I have a comprehensive
understanding of the CDM project management process, carbon markets, and project-based measures for
emissions reductions across a wide variety of sectors based on my experience with EcoSecurities. I also
have varied international experience, including direct engagement with the United Nations. I am fluent in
English, Spanish, and French, and possess excellent writing skills, great problem-solving skills, and the
ability to work collectively.
At EcoSecurities’ Origination Office in Peru, I was responsible for identifying and screening
emission reduction projects in Peru and Ecuador with the potential to qualify for the CDM. This gave me
first-hand exposure to the full CDM cycle, particularly the early stages of assessing project applicability to
approved methodologies. Specifically, I gained experience with projects in the oil and gas, cement, landfill
gas, energy efficiency, biomass, hydropower, wastewater treatment, and transport sectors. Among my
duties supporting Origination activities for the Andean Region, I also set up new business relations,
assisted in the negotiation of contracts, and supported the company at conferences and exhibitions.
Building on my experience with EcoSecurities, I am currently involved in launching the Yale
Community Carbon Fund, originating its projects, and developing an internal methodology for the
implementation, monitoring and verification, and calculation of their associated emission reductions. The
fund is an innovative and still unexplored approach to bringing carbon finance down to the local level. It
invests in local carbon offset projects in the city of New Haven to complement Yale University’s emissions
reductions strategy, instead of buying offsets from the retail market.
I believe I would bring valuable expertise and experience to your clients and would be happy to
discuss potential positions and my qualifications further.
Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
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