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Larry Reed
4364 Settlers Lane
New York,NY
Phone: 917-823-2140
Lois Maxwell
General Electric Company
303 Buffalo Creek Road
Date: 03-11-2010
Dear Mr.Maxwell,
Having view at the advertisement place in made me very happy mainly because
this is my forte to work and soon I came to know about it. CAD Designer has that X factor which
can allow me to show my talent and I am thankful to General Electric Company for considering
me for interview in New York.
My work experience includes:
Working in a busy Contract department has given me vital experience in both office and
technical departments.
I have been involved in the estimating of new works at tender stage and liasing with
clients to assist in the smooth running of the jobs won.
Other skills include scheduling of variations including price additions and admissions
then invoicing these to the clients.
The position has also involved Auto CAD work on electrical specification layouts.
I was also responsible for the management of the company fleet of vehicles.
It’s a request to schedule the meeting so that you can personally meet me and make out my
capability of gaining the post. Apart from this my experience and amount of knowledge will speak
out in my work. Kindly reply soon.
Yours Sincerely
(Larry Reed)
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