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Dear Ms. de Goey:
Over the last few weeks, I met with you and many of your coworkers to learn about Deloitte and
how to become a member of the Deloitte team. After hearing presentations, talking to
representatives at events and career fairs and reading about an available position on the firm’s
website and CAVLink at the University of Virginia, I am interested in a Federal Business
Technology Analyst position with your firm upon completion of my degree. I will be graduating
this May with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. I believe the fit between my
skills and interests and your needs would make me an asset to your organization.
I initially became interested in consulting because of the opportunity to work with
intelligent,driven and creative people. However, it is the fact that consultants utilize their skills to
solve real world issues that motivated me to apply for a position at Deloitte. As a BTA, I want to
apply my strong problem solving skills and creativity to help clients solve business and IT
problems or capitalize on business opportunities. Through my coursework, I have developed the
abilities to perform research, integrate information, determine the best solution, and design a plan
for its implementation. Many of my courses allowed me to take the work a step further by testing
proposals in the real world in areas ranging from medical device design to the improvement of
preexisting consumer products. Just as important as the specific abilities I developed through my
coursework is the mindset that I formed a mindset that values practical solutions and visible
results. I believe my abilities and mindset would make a career with Deloitte particularly
rewarding for me and beneficial for Deloitte’s clients.
My courses often required function as part of a team. This experience helped me develop the skills
needed to be an effective team member including the ability to communicate efficiently and
effectively with others. I have learned that I possess the flexibility and professionalism necessary
to succeed in a group setting, and am excited about the opportunity to draw upon these same
attributes when interacting directly with clients and coworkers. As a firm that prides itself on not
only developing recommendations but taking the process a step further to deliver tangible results,
I believe my experiences are compatible with the mission of Deloitte. I look forward to the
opportunity to further discuss my qualifications with you at your convenience.If there is any other
information I can provide you with that would be helpful as you assess my candidacy, please
contact me at PHONE or at EMAIL. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance
for reviewing my attached credentials.
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