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26 Haley Road Morden MB R9H 9P3 (204) 555-9046
May 17, 20__
Mr. Andre Champagne
Director, Human Resources
Farallon, Inc.
787 E. Fournier Drive
Montreal, QC H6T 7Y2
Dear Mr. Champagne:
We met at the AIESEC Career Fair at the University of Manitoba in October last year and at the time you
mentioned that your company would be recruiting Business IT Analysts this fall, to begin working in September
20__. I am writing to request an interview for one of these positions.
I was impressed by how receptive and informative the team from Farallon, Inc. was at the Career Fair. Your plan to
create a department dealing solely with HR implementation strategies and SAP is of particular interest to me, given
my background.
I will be graduating from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba in June with a Bachelor of
Commerce (Honours) Degree in Management Information Systems and Human Resources Management. I received
the James McGill Scholarship in 20__ for my excellent grades. My course work has included HRIS, database
management and systems analysis. In addition, I have been the assistant to a PhD student who is creating a new
business software program for his thesis. I am confident these skills will give me the ideal background required for
the position of Business IT Analyst at Farallon Inc.
I will contact you early in June to set up an interview at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your
Pierre Fournier
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