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1234 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931
February 1, 2011
Mr. John A. Smith, CEO
The Best Care Hospital
123 Opportunity Drive
Out of Town, MI 12345
Dear Mr. Smith:
I am writing to apply for the Biomedical Engineering Intern position at Best Care Hospital. I heard
about this opening from Dr. Michael Neuman, my department chair at Michigan Technological
University. I believe my academic background and my engineering work experience make me an
excellent fit for this position. I know my skills and my character will allow me to help The Best
Care Hospital achieve its health care goals.
I have experience working on several team biomedical engineering design projects, including
work with the Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise. I am currently working on a year-
long senior design project focused on cardiac flow measurements around stent struts using particle
imaging velocimetry systems. I have had the experience of communicating with a company as to
its needs, applying my engineering knowledge and skills to the project’s design,building, testing,
and redesigning, and seeing the project through to a successful outcome.
I have held several leadership roles on Michigan Tech’s campus, including membership in the
Society for Biomaterials, Interfraternity Council Philanthropy Committee Chair, and numerous
leadership positions within Alpha Gamma Delta International Women’s Fraternity. This campus
community experience honed my leadership and communications skills and has made me a great
team player.
My resume is enclosed for more details concerning my education and experience. (I will call you
shortly to ensure you received my application materials.) I am excited about this career
opportunity and would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you at your earliest
convenience. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Jane Doe
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