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Jon Jobhunter
10 Drury Drive
Citywide, USA 87695
July 10, 2006
Mr. Ronald Sedgwick
Personnel Manager
Citywide Zoological Park
18 Hawthorn Drive
Citywide, USA 87659
Dear Mr. Sedgwick:
I saw your ad on for zookeepers with experience and a schedule with flexible
hours. I believe I’m qualified for this work. I was one of three zookeepers, part time, at the
Cincinnati, Ohio zoo for ten years. Today I live in Citywide so I hope to take up the same position
at your facility. My specialty is giraffes, though I have also worked with rhinos and other large
mammals. An excellent zookeeper is essential to a smooth-running park, so I am aware of the
importance of this job.
I appreciate your reading my resume cover letter and resume but would like to talk further by
coming to your office for an in-person meeting. Are you free afternoons between 2:00 and 5:00?
That would work perfectly for me.
Please select the day and time that best suits you and confirm by calling 222-222-2222. I look
forward to meeting you and hopefully joining your staff at Citywide Zoo.
Jon Jobhunter
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