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Jessica P. Laws
2250 F St, NW ▪ Washington, DC 20052 ▪ (555) 555-8256 ▪
April 1, 2011
Mary White
Year Up
22 8th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20001
Dear Ms. White,
My professional goal to work and grow in the field of youth development is what drew me to Year
Up’s mission and to apply for the Associate Director position. With academic training in strategic
analysis and organizational development, a focus on youth development through multidisciplinary
approaches, and demonstrated managerial skills, as evidenced by my leadership role at
Youthbuild, I know I have the proven skills and track record of performance that will greatly
enhance Year Up.
Earning a Master of Public Policy degree at The Trachtenberg School at the George Washington
University has given me outstanding training in strategy, analytical thinking, and organizational
management. This built upon my internship with Youthbuild where I applied these skills through a
strategic planning project in collaboration with their executive team. Through ongoing strategic
management and planning meetings, I not only implemented a holistic youth development
program, but also developed a servicelearning course with the objectives of increasing youth
participation in decision-making and enabling youth to cultivate their leadership, critical thinking,
and planning skills.
Overall, my educational background and professional experiences, including my YouthBuild
internship, would allow me to bring the following strengths to the Associate Director position:
An enthusiasm for challenges, especially those that require new ways of thinking and
collaborative input across development specialties.
Outstanding teamwork and leadership skills, where I have demonstrated my ability to both
contribute and motivate.
A dedicated work ethic and desire to make a difference, which is reflected in my academic and
professional experience.
Based on these competencies, I am certain that my experience and professional diligence could be
an asset to Year Up. My strengths in management, relationship building, and communication will
enable me to impact the lives of many children and families throughout the Greater DC region.
Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials. I look forward to learning more about
how I can assist in meeting the immediate needs and long-term goals of Year Up. If you have
further questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me at or 555-555-8256.
Jessica P. Laws
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