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Amanda R. Erwin
Pugh High Society,
4779 Jett Street, Lane - 89 Apartment # 25
Anahelm, CA, USA
Contact Number: (310) 733 3470
Email Address:
Edward R. Peiffer
Hiring Manager
Gary & Smith Counseling Organization
386 Berry Street, Evans Avenue Center, Lane - 36,
Lamar, CO, USA
Re: Application for Youth Counselor post
Dear Mr. Peiffer,
Interested in the available position of Youth Counselor for the renowned Gary & Smith
Counseling Organization, which appeared in The Liberty Times, dated August 25, 2013.
Therefore, I have applied for the same and believe that my credentials are a perfect match to the
described job requirements. In addition, I have attached my resume and other credentials along
with this application.
I have completed my Masters in Psychology and also have a vocational degree in Professional
Counseling. In addition, I also hold an experience of about 10 years in his particular field and
therefore, I can use various established therapy methods for youth counseling. Previously, I have
worked with Mary High School where I had to undergo several assigned activities that included
vocational counseling to kids, preparing essential documentation, participating in group work for
encouraging students, administering required medication, organizing several counseling events
and programs for students and their parents, etc. Therefore, I am quite competent in handling
various kinds of young children as well and can efficiently coordinate with relevant staff
members. My overall work experience has made me efficient enough to provide emergency
medical information as well as capable of making a quick follow up care. I believe that if provided
with an opportunity, then I can prove an asset to your organization.
Kindly, consider me for the available job position and do let know about the interview details.
Please feel free to contact me on the above provided email or phone details. Look forward to have
a better conversation regarding the future job responsibilities.
Thank you.
Sincere regards
Amanda R. Erwin
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