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Sample Cover letter for Wireless Consultant
David Pitts
4367 Beechwood Drive
Phone: 412-272-4412
John Mayers
Occidental Petroleum Corp
2786 Buck Drive
South Burlington
Date: 13-11-2010
Dear Mr.Mayers,
Please review my resume for applying for the position of Wireless Consultant at Pittsburgh . I
have the relevant work experience in the desired field. I believe, I would be make great
contribution to Occidental Petroleum Corp in this position.
My work experience includes:
Determined causes of CS/PS drrops using Layer 3 messaging
Ran KPI analysis using Actix and made changes to improve the
Supervised and managed a team of Senior, Junior Engineers, and Technicians
Issue search rings & Collaborated with Site Acquisition agent with on-site visit and
candidate analysis
Collaborated with Site Development in identifying primary candidates
Attended A&E walks to identify equipment and antenna locations verification
Planned and Implemented CW Procedure
Coordinated CW drive testing
Call me up for any more details related to my previous work or education. Either you can call me
or mail me. Thank you for considering me as appropriate person for interview.
Yours Sincerely
(David Pitts)
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