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A webmaster cover letter includes pertinent information about the job that a hiring manager
would look for-such as technical skill, computer programming and connecting web sites to the
Internet. They work with artists and writers to create a full package and then to maintain the
client's standing on the Internet. Therefore, webmaster cover letters are most effective when the
applicant specifies his or her abilities in detail and shows that he or she knows what is necessary to
land the job.
Ernest Wilcox
56 Fieldstone Lane
Wilsonville, USA 68979
October 7, 2006
Mr. Nelson Hicks
Hiring Manager
Waverly Web Design and Maintenance
23 Community Avenue
Wilsonville, USA 68979
Dear Mr. Hicks:
I am interested in pursuing the webmaster position you posted on I have past experience building sites for a variety of large
furniture and clothing stores which are listed in my enclosed resume.
I enjoy this work, am quali0ed to do it by my training and certi0cation at Oregon
Trail Computer School, and look forward to settling in to a full-time job with
Waverly-if I meet your expectations.
I have photos of the work I've done for various web sites. I'd like to show them in
person if we could meet for a short time some day next week at your
convenience. Please call me at 897-673-5645 to set up an appointment that works
for you. I really appreciate your taking a moment to consider my cover letter.
Ernest Wilcox
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