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Dear Hiring Manager,
I'm a Web Developer, and I'm very interested in your job post “ Put The Job Title Here”
I have recently worked for a US Company as a team leader, where my responsibilities included
developing there basic Web Layout platform.
I have consistently delivered projects on time and under budget, which has earned me the role of
team lead on a number of recent projects, as you'll see in my work history. I believe my skills
would be ideal for your project.
A number of my projects are in my oDesk portfolio. My work for, in which I transferred
a complicated Javascript app to the cloud, is very similar to your position.
I am available to chat by IM, email or Skype, and would be happy to set up a convenient time to
discuss the application you're moving and some ideas about the safest way to get it into the cloud.
I will be available 15 hours per week for this position.
John Smith
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