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Sample Cover letter for Warehouse Worker
Hilton Lemaster
3258 Metz Lane
San Diego,CA
Phone: 858-207-1616
David Kerfoot
Pitney Bowes Inc.
2729 Irving Road
Date: 19-11-2010
Dear Mr.Kerfoot,
Was looking for strong job profile where I can prove my skills in an appropriate way and when I
heard about vacancy for Warehouse Worker in Pitney Bowes Inc. in San Diego, I was thrilled. To
make me aware about this opportunity I would like to thanks .
My work experience includes:
Responsible for learning overall company philosophy and store operations
Participated in inventory management and physical inventories
Stocked shelves and assisted in overall product displays
Responsible for receiving and returning products to/from suppliers and warehouses
Handled customer relations with vendors and local suppliers
Controlled and maintained security for all shipping, receiving and storage areas*
Responsible for pulling, packaging and processing of product sales for clients
Prepared delivery manifests and directed delivery drivers
Prepared management reports covering all delivery activities
I want to cover the distance from learning stage to experienced stage in this company. Thank you
for considering me as good candidate and will be waiting for your feedback.
Yours Sincerely
(Hilton Lemaster)
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