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Warehouse Clerk Cover Letter Sample
Brent Gillard
663 West White Way
Boston, MA 34567
Contact No: 312 – 444 3222
Email Id:
June 19, 2012
Frank Blanchard
Hiring Manager
Human Resource Manager
Neilton Corp
Boston, MA 34567
Dear Mr. Blanchard,
After reading the job vacancy advertisement on the official website of your company on June 15,
2012, I understand that you currently are looking for someone to fill in the position as Warehouse
Clerk. I believe that my competencies answer all of the requirements that you seek in the
candidate of the job. Given my four years of experience working as Warehouse Clerk before, I feel
that I will be the perfect candidate for the position.
I possess a great time management and strict about following the schedule, which is important to
keep the track of the warehouse record. I am also capable in organizing and handling the records
of the warehouse and able to manage the record dutifully. My resume in enclosed for your further
Thank you for your attention.
Brent Gillard
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