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Carla Miller
2936, Diagon Alley
New Jersey - 85843
26th of May, 2011
Ms. Jennifer Hardy
Cotton Wear
5452 Oak Boulevard
New Jersey - 54634
Dear Ms. Hardy,
This is with regards to the advertisement that your company has given in the Sunday Standard for
the post of Visual Merchandiser. I would like to apply for the post mentioned. I have relevant
experience of almost 4 years in similar positions in leading apparel outlets. I am sure that I would
be an excellent candidate for the position and I am including my resume with this letter for your
As of now, I am employed as a senior Visual Merchandiser for World Attire Ltd. for whom I have
been working for two years now. In the capacity of a visual merchandiser, I have been responsible
for creating visual layouts and concepts for products, adapting presentations to present fashion
trends, and creating eye-catching displays for display windows. My job has been such that it has
required me to develop a keen eye for color and coordination, and also develop a keen interest in
fashion. It is a position that has allowed me to develop and use my latent skills. I have always
been impressed by the work of your organization and have been interested in working for your
organization for a while now. I am sure that with my experience and skill, I would be an excellent
addition to your team.
My educational qualifications and work experience have been detailed out in my resume that is
enclosed with this letter. If you would like to meet with me, then you could contact me on the
address, phone number or email id mentioned earlier in the letter.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to a response from you.
Yours sincerely
Carla Miller
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