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Sample Cover letter for Unix System Administrator
Allen Larabee
4194 Walt Nuzum Farm Road
Phone: 585-463-4980
Christine Park
Provident Financial Group
4599 Wildrose Lane
Date: 10-11-2010
Dear Mr.Park,
Via YAHOO! HotJobs , I learned of Unix System Administrator for your office at Rochester . I am
interested in joining Provident Financial Group in this position. I believe there would be a good fit
between my skills and your needs.
My work experience includes:
Responsible for the hardware and software infrastructure of web-based services, including
the student portal and virtual learning environment- which are used by over) students per
day and regarded as key systems.
Also primarily responsible for the corporate document management system, supporting
key business areas such as student recruitment, human resources and finance.
Scope in the role ranges from requirements analysis and tendering, through infrastructure
design and build to support of the service post-implementation.
Technical skills used include system, database and application administration as well as
being acknowledged as the local expert in configuring clustering software for highly
available systems.
Functional skills developed in user requirements analysis, architecture design, data
integration and the use of metadata.
I want to cover the distance from learning stage to experienced stage in this company. Thank you
for considering me as good candidate and will be waiting for your feedback.
Yours Sincerely
(Allen Larabee)
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