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July 2, 2015
Ms. Josephine Alon, Director
White Mountain Academy
162 Mountain Street
White Brook, NH 03577
Dear Ms. Alon:
I am writing to apply for the clinician position posted on the White Mountain Academy website. I
will be earning my MSW this August from the Smith College School for Social Work and would
bring to this opportunity strong clinical skills working with at-risk youth in therapeutic schools
and experience in environmental education and leadership training.
During my clinical placement at the Serramonte Therapeutic Day School, I provided individual
and group therapy to a culturally diverse adolescent population similar to yours at WMA,
experience that built on my prior role as a program and dorm supervisor at the Academy at Swift
River, a therapeutic boarding school. What I find most interesting about this age group is how
their self-esteem and growth are affected by their success in school, activities, and relationships as
they attempt to find their place in the world. Developing individual treatment plans for
adolescents at Serramonte drew on my flexibility, imagination, and ability to establish and
maintain rapport, skills I would be excited to bring to WMA.
I’m particularly attracted to White Mountain’s structured, safe, and nurturing residential
environment and comprehensive approach to the therapeutic, academic, social, and physical needs
of each student. I’ve found that the small community size stressed by your board member
Malcolm Gladwell fosters more meaningful relationships, helping students lead lives of curiosity,
courage, compassion, and develop friendships that may last a lifetime.
WMAs unique outdoor offerings and leadership training further appeal to me. My experience at
Swift River initiating an outdoor leadership program for at-risk teens would, I believe, support my
clinical work with your students and contribute to your leadership programming. I’ve seen
firsthand the value of such programs in developing students’ self-esteem, academic performance,
and long-term commitment to their physical and emotional wellbeing.
I look forward to discussing my interest in this position, and I will call shortly to see about
arranging a meeting. Thank you for your consideration.
If postal mailing, sign in black ink; if emailing, double-space after closing before name.
Philip Lakey
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