Basic Unigraphics Designer Cover Letter

Basic Unigraphics Designer Cover Letter Samples and Templates
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Here is a sample Cover Letter for Unigraphics Designer Job.
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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,
I am writing this cover letter in response to your advertisement in XYZ newspaper for the post of
Unigraphics Designer. I want to apply for the same job. I feel that I am an exact and successful
match for this job. I have enclosed my resume which will show my education, experience, and
I have excellent skills on Unigraphics NX4 & NX5 software and I have knowledge of computer
aided drafting tools. I can efficiently create drawings, layouts, 3-D models and translate the ideas
and concept into actual design.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my education and experiences will be helpful to
your organization.
Thanks for your consideration.
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