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Laura Mcclung
2780 Briarwood Drive
Phone: 856-524-3358
Maurice Camarena
Raytheon Company
3846 Kimberly Way
Date: 08-11-2010
Dear Ms.Camarena,
As mentioned in your recent Advertisement in Simply Hired , I am interested in the Underwriter
Trainee at Camden . I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter for your
consideration. My resume also lists the professional experience and qualifications.
My work experience includes:
Assistant Underwriter for standard household products.
Ensuring clients information is correct and updated when requested.
Processing Mid Term Adjustments (MTAs).
Maintaining high quality and professional relationships with the brokers.
Applying relevant endorsements to policies.
Working as a key team member, but also on my own initiative.
Diary Management.
Supplying and adhering to policy booklets and wordings.
Maintaining client confidentiality and Data Protection on a daily basis.
Dealing with complaints from brokers.
Success and hard work go hand in hand. I can ensure my complete hard work and owe my
knowledge for the prosperity of the company. Thank you for lending your valuable time and
reading my cover letter.
Yours Sincerely
(Laura Mcclung)
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