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Roger D. Cutler
4288 Fincham Road
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 760-465-2588
October 01, 2013
Warren M. Weber
Hiring Manager
Perfect Care
3208 Goldie Lane
San Diego, CA 92185
Subject: Application for the position of Ultrasound Technician
Dear Weber,
I got the information about an opening of an Ultrasound Technician's position at Perfect Care from your website. Since your
organization is a reputed one in the medical field and it has been my long-time dream to work with you, I take this
opportunity in forwarding my application for the said position.
I am Ultrasound Technician at Reliable Medical Center since 2009. I have completed my bachelor's degree in sonography
from a reputed institute and have taken ultrasound images of thousands of patients in diagnosing their ailments for bones
problems due to accidental injuries, growing age, and genetic disorders. My knowledge in examining specific body parts
include: skull, cervical, shoulder bone, elbow, spine, waist, knee, shine, ankle, and other related areas where bones are
located. My accurate testing analysis skill has helped doctors and surgeons in diagnosing the problem and offering better
and relevant treatment to patients.
I am friendly and can explain patients the procedure of sonography in a layman's language. My interpersonal skill helps in
removing worries from patients' mind and heart. I have worked closely with medical staff and doctors professionally and
understand the importance of accurate ultrasound images in diagnosis. I agree that the technician must have an eye for
details in order to produce high quality images and produce them as per the request made by doctors.
Along with technical knowledge, I am also adept in management and organizing skills. I can feed, maintain and secure any
number of information into the computer. With excellent communication, organization, management, and ability to
manipulate patient's position while scanning are those benefits my employment can bring to your organization.
I can attend an interview anytime you call me, and request you to call at 760-465-2588 for further details. Thank you for
you time.
Roger D. Cutler
Enclosure: Resume
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