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Truck Driver Cover Letter Template
Dear Sir,
Please consider my qualifications advertised in My Truck Weekly for the position of MC truck
driver in your company. I would like to be considered as a serious candidate of MC truck driver.
As a truck driver, I have more than 3 years of experience worked as a local truck driver. I have my
own driving license and I keep the driving license up to date. I also have a clean report on MC
license and Blue Card. Now, I am still developing my driving skill in order to improve my
professional career.
I really love to learn and I completed the Fatigue Management Scheme course. I really enjoy
meeting and building a good relationship with customers. Over 3 years, I have successfully
delivered several goods and loads including chemical materials, fabric, timber, and any kind of
dangerous goods.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I may share with you my background and
enthusiasm for the position.
You can copy and paste the letter above but I provide the truck driver cover letter template in
Microsoft Word version to ease you customizing it with your own words on describing your skills
and experiences briefly.
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