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Robert Tristan
3730 Metz Lane
West Roxbury, MA 2132
Apr 17, 2013
Ms. Tory Dillon
Arista Networks, Inc.
3830 Green Hill Road
Fort Smith, AR 72908
Dear Ms. Tory Dillon,
I am applying for the Territory Sales Manager job now available at Arista Networks, Inc. When I saw your posting, I knew
this was the job for me.
I feel that I have the knowledge and experience needed to fill this position and I know that I have the ability to be a major
addition to your company. My excellent verbal and writing skills will prove to be very useful in helping your company
reach your sales goal.
I am self-motivated with the ability to work independently to get the job done. However, I also have the interpersonal skills
needed to work with store managers and employees to ensure everyone knows and adheres to company policies and
financial goals.
I can also work with managers to discover problem areas that are hindering sales and help them find ways to correct these
I can help provide training for employees if their performance is not meeting company standards and I have the ability to
interview and hire new managers.
I have experience meeting tight deadlines without cutting corners or making mistakes and I have excellent time
management skills that make it possible to handle several projects at a time. I also have outstanding sales abilities that make
it possible for me to reach new clients and help your company grow.
Traveling around the territory is not a problem and I have the skills needed to make a positive impact on your company’s
bottom line to drive sales.
Please call (111)-354-1695 to arrange for an interview and I look forward to meeting with you in person soon.
Robert Tristan
Encl: Resume
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