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23 Burke Street
Manuka Vic 1111
T: 03 4444 4444
M: 0429 000 000
Claudine Carter
Store Owner
Cutting Edge Designs
Madison Terrace
Melbourne Vic 0000
Dear Ms Carter
Re: Store Manager Position, Cutting Edge Designs
Please accept my application for the position of store manager at Cutting Edge Designs as advertised in Fashion
I have worked in fashion retail for seven years, most recently as a store manager. With my strong background in
retail management, coupled with my love of fashion, I believe I have exactly what it takes to manage your
Madison Terrace store.
During my time as retail manager at Manuka Department Store, I have successfully implemented new initiatives
with stock and store layout that have enhanced the customer experience. I have worked on a number of hugely
successful marketing and sales initiatives that have boosted profits by as much as 50 per cent in a quarter.
I am a hands-on leader who develops a good rapport with my staff and a working environment that is relaxed and
customer focused. The result in sales growth at my past two fashion stores is testament to my management skills
and business acumen. I am a dynamic team player with exemplary communication skills and I am always ready to
think outside the square to make sure my store is a step ahead of the rest.
I am passionate about fashion and, having completed my Certificate IV in Fashion Design, I pride myself on being
a fashion-forward thinker who stays on top of the current trends in the industry. I believe my management
experience, combined with my creative design skills and understanding of street fashion trends, make me the
perfect candidate for this role.
I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my application for this exciting position.
Yours sincerely
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