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Sharon E. Oliver
59 Yellowbird Drive
Bedford, MA 01730
(617) 100-0000
February 23, 2008
Karen McCoy, Director
Humanity, Inc.
375 High Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Dear Ms. McCoy,
As I near the end of my Master of Social Work program, I have begun to search for jobs in program planning
and evaluation. Margaret Hampton, your former co-worker, knew of my interest in services for teenage mothers
and phoned to describe the position to me.
I had a great deal of experience in research before returning to graduate school. I have brought that experience
to my field training and have completed a year-long outcome evaluation on children's support programs for the
Boston Public Schools. I have also had the opportunity to plan an after-school program as part of the internship.
Following the introduction of the program, I assisted in grant writing and lobbying for funds to continue the
program. I have recently worked with Dr. Ann Cameron on her research program on the efficacy of support services
to single mothers.
Your position is appealing because it affords the opportunity to apply my research and planning skills to a
social issue that I care about and because it allows for close working relationships with both public and private
service providers while spending a great deal of time working autonomously.
I would enjoy the opportunity to interview with you for this position and to discuss your organization in more
detail. You can reach me at 617-100-1000. I will call you in two weeks to see if there is anything further that I can
provide. Thank you in advance.
Sharon E. Oliver
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