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Charles K. Dixon
Ginger High Society
3424 Trymore Road, Block - C, Lane 87,
Northfield, MN, USA
Contact Number - (507) 646 8316
Date: November 27, 2011
Jennifer C. Richey
Human Resources Officer
Flipside State Security
4514 Hott Street, 16/34 Dopes Lane,
Calvin, OK, USA
Dear Miss. Richey,
Re: Application for Security Guard position
This application letter is in response to the advertisement, which I came across in the Central Times, dated November 25, 2011,
for the security guard position. I was keenly interested in the available post and therefore, I have applied in your reputed Flip side
State Security. I have also enclosed my resume and necessary documents for your easy perusal.
I have completed my High School graduation from Xavier High school and also hold a Diploma in security and patrolling. In
addition, I have successfully completed my apprenticeship program from New York Security Systems and therefore hold
necessary understanding towards important federal grounds and essential work ethics. In my apprenticeship program I was
assigned to perform several duties that included monitoring the security premises, checking the safety of doors, windows, and
gates, maintaining complete report of the daily activities, answering the calls of the guests and authorized personnel, and
ensuring complete safety measures. I have gained complete control over the security hazards and handling and preventing the
risky situations.
I have complete understanding towards the importance of security and therefore, request you to consider my application for the
applied position. As per your convenience, you can reach me on the above mentioned phone or email details and inform me about
the interview details. I certainly look forward to meet you in person and have further conversation regarding job responsibilities.
Thank you.
Sincere regards
Charles K. Dixon
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