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Dear Mr. Watanabe:
In May 20XX, I will graduate from the San Francisco State University with a bachelors degree in
chemistry. I read your opening for a chemist online at SFGate, and I am very interested in the
possibilities it offers. I am writing to explore the opportunity for employment with West Coast
The advertisement indicated that you are looking for someone cable of conducting basic
laboratory research in a self-directed fashion. I believe my resume outlines a work and education
history that you will find interesting and relevant. Beginning with a part-time job in a local
laboratory while in high school, I gained some research experience after my senior year. My
college major has included a variety of theoretical courses as well as a great deal of laboratory
experience, including two internships. I am a hard worker, focused, and capable of producing
high-quality and thorough work under time constraints.
As you will see by the attached resume, I have had considerable laboratory experience here at
SFSU and I am thoroughly familiar with all the equipment you mention your ad, In addition, I
have good research skills, and my computer skills are excellent.
I would like to meet with you to discuss how my education and experience would be consistent
with your needs. I will contact your office next week to discuss the possibility of an interview. In
the meantime, if you have any questions or require additional information, please contact me at
my home, (415) 555-5555.
Mary Campbell
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