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Jame Carley
452 North West Street
Carlton Homes
Great Treasure Apartments
B/12, 25th Street
CA- 56120
Ph: 333 321542
The Recruitment Head
Ms. Michelle Bruce
Kampbell Furnishings
Business Street
K11 Towers
CA - 56125
Dear Ms. Bruce,
I am Jame Carley, and this is with reference to the job vacancy advertised in California Times, dated December 26,
2011. I am currently working as an Assistant Manager - Sales, with Interior Furnishings, and I handle the Western
California region.
With an overall experience of 4.5 years, I have moved up the professional hierarchy with my dedication and hard
work. I started my career with Grey House Furnishing in the year 2006, as a sales executive. I always overachieved
my targets and was appreciated by my team head. I was promoted to the position of Sr. Sales executive, within a
year. I later joined Interior Furnishings, and again proving my eligibility and potential I was promoted to the
position of Assistant Sales Manager.
I assure you of the same sincerity and dedication at work if given a chance to work with your esteemed
organization. Please go through my detailed resume enclosed herewith, and let me know about a convenient time
for an interview.
Looking forward to a positive reply.
Thank you in anticipation.
Jame Carley
Ph: 333 321542
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