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Basic Retail Merchandiser Cover Letter Samples and Templates
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Sample Cover letter for Retail Merchandiser
Lindsay Allen
1380 Stratford Drive
Phone: 808-239-8916
Daniel Pyle
General Mills Inc
2074 Frank Avenue
Date: 06-11-2010
Dear Ms.Pyle,
With the recommendation of friend and advertisement placed by you in I came to know about
vacancy for Retail Merchandiser . I would like to keep my working abilities in front of you people if got a chance.
General Mills Inc in Kaneohe is known for its value added work and I am looking forward to be part of it.
My work experience includes:
In this role, I was employed as a Retail Merchandiser.
The role involved travelling to clients’ premises throughout the UK to re-merchandise stock to new plans
during periods of refurbishment or complete refits.
The two main clients were Sainsburys and B&Q. The role required me to work quickly and accurately, to
layout stock in accordance with new plannograms and projected sales of the business.
The role also required computer knowledge so that reports and price tickets could be printed as and when
Two main personal attributes required for this role were flexibility in working days and hours and the
ability to perform to high standards whilst working on your own in smaller sections or within a team on
larger ones.
I am expecting an arrangement of meeting in a coming week in order to carry out the interview session. Kindly let
me know the date and timing via email or by telephoning. Thank you for denoting precious time.
Yours Sincerely
(Lindsay Allen)
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