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Reply To A Job Advertisement
7217 State Route 52
Maple City, NY 67890
April 14, 2009
Mr. Benjamin Baldwin, RRT
Chief Respiratory Therapist
County General Hospital
515 Hastings Avenue
Valley View, NY 68547
Dear Mr. Baldwin:
In response to your April 12, 2009, job announcement to the Respiratory Care Program at Genesee
Community College, I am writing to express an interest in a Respiratory Therapist position at your
institution. I am currently enrolled in the Respiratory Care Program at Genesee Community College
and will be graduating in May 2009.
As a student, I have received excellent grades in all of my Respiratory Care courses. As my
resume indicates, my overall Grade Point Average (GPA) is presently 3.75. Through my clinical
performance I have demonstrated critical thinking skills and decision making abilities as well as
initiative and professionalism. If given the opportunity, I would make a positive contribution to
your organization.
Additionally, a few of my strengths include my ability to organize, prioritize and handle multiple
tasks simultaneously. I enjoy working with others and would welcome the opportunity to be a
part of the Respiratory Care team at your facility.
I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. If you have any other questions or require
additional information, I would be happy to discuss my qualifications with you in a personal interview
at your convenience. I can be contacted Friday evenings through Sunday afternoons at (000) 555 –
1234. Monday through Thursday evenings you can contact me at
(013) 555 – 5678.
Thank you for your consideration.
Abby Smith
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