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Sample research scientist cover letter
Annabelle Young
73rd House, Victoria Lane
High-rise Town
United States
(041) 212 300 0675
August 08, 2006
Mr. Alex Hall
Department of Scientific Research
Florida Institute of Science and Technology
Florida, U.S.
Sub: Application for Research Scientist
Dear Sir (or second name),
I am writing this letter to convey my interest and give my candidature for the job opening of Research Scientist
with your esteemed organization; as advertised in the scientific journal 'Daily Science' for the week '1-7 August,
2006'. I have attached my resume for your perusal.
My diversified knowledge in various scientific streams, coupled with 5 years of relevant experience, some of best
institutes of the country have given me opportunities to develop my skills and expertise. Over the years I have
learned and mastered a wide variety of experimental techniques. I can comfortably operate the latest of
equipments, and utilize resources available in the best of productive ways.
You will note that I have successfully completed several strategic comprehensive scientific research projects
satisfactorily. I can effectively handle a team of 10-15 assistants, and even impart necessary training and guidance
to subordinates. I believe my innovative leadership ideas, and quick adaptability helps me to form a cohesive team.
If given an opportunity, I am sure with my skills and learning attitude, you will find me as a valuable addition to
your list of intellectual assets.
Looking for an opportunity to meet you in person and discuss the job opportunity. We can certainly find a way to
mutually benefit and grow together.
Annabelle Young
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