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January 4, 2013
400 The Fenway, Box#007
Boston, MA 02115
Ms. Molly Miller
Healthcare & High Tech Group
TransNational Inc.
888 Random Street
Boston, MA 02116
Dear Ms. Miller,
Please accept this letter as my application for the Research Associate position which was advertised
on the Emmanuel College Career Connect employment website (EC3). I am certain that I can supply
the strong analytical and communication skills that TransNational requires to maintain its successful
record of customer results. My coursework and two internships have equipped me with a broad range
of experiences in rapid problem solving, customer service, research and business strategy that will
prove valuable to your team.
I became a Management major and chose to minor in Information Technology because I have an
appetite for new knowledge and a drive to seek out the optimal solution for problems I encounter. As
such, I think my research and analysis skills will be an important asset to TransNational. I
demonstrated this skill set when I researched the prospect of implementing a public key
infrastructure (PKI) at Emmanuel. My ;ndings included technical considerations as well as practical
concerns such as student attitudes and behavior, costs of various implementations, and a projection
of when such a system might become obsolete. As a Research Associate, I will exhibit the same
attention to practical detail without losing sight of the big picture.
When interning at Logix, the company was looking for ways to reduce costs, maintain market
share, and expand product o>erings to enable entry into related markets. I was able to contribute
to these goals by researching their competitors newest features and carefully weighing the
bene;ts of integrating these features in Logix’s competing product. My exposure to the senior sta>
decisions regarding each choice’s e>ect on sales, revenue, company morale and productivity
helped prepare me to think critically and realistically about similar issues facing TransNational’s
I strongly believe I can add value to your organization. I think you will ;nd that my combination of
initiative, real business and technical experience, and clear analytical thinking are an excellent
match for TransNational’s needs as a high tech solution provider. Enclosed please ;nd my resume
documenting my quali;cations. I will call you next week to discuss the potential of an interview.
Iam A. Student
Iam A. Student
Enclosure: Resume
Sample cover letters adapted from the Dartmouth College Career Services Department.
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