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12345 El Monte Rd.
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
(408) 123-4567
September 17, 2010
Dear Hiring Manager,
In response to your advertisement in the San Jose Mercury News indicating an
opening for a receptionist, I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.
Throughout my six years of experience working at a variety of companies in the Bay Area, I
have maintained a professional and positive environment for customers, co-workers, and
supervisors. I always appropriately and effectively assist customers over the phone to
answer questions and/or direct to the appropriate resources. In addition, I have the ability to
multi-task, such as answer multiple phone lines, greet customers, and complete paperwork.
An accomplishment I am particularly proud of is the design and implementation of a color
catalog for Central valley Seeds which increased sales by 15%. This involved coordinating
and referencing digital camera images with product descriptions.
My success stems from self-motivation, enthusiasm, flexibility, and the ability to communicate
with individuals from diverse backgrounds. I take pride in my problem-solving abilities because
I want customers and co-workers to feel appreciated. Also, I am proficient in various software
programs on PCs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet, and Email.
I am interested in scheduling an interview as soon as possible. I can be reached at (658) 123-4567
or by email, Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Jane Doe
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