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Marcus Ortiz
123 Violet Way
Forest Hills, MN 12345
January 20, 20xx
Mrs. Betty Alexander
Chief Administrator
Belson Appraisers
100 Forest Park Circle, Suite 1450
Forest Hills, MN 12345
Dear Mrs. Alexander,
Michael Sutton suggested that I contact you about the real estate appraiser's position at your
agency. My ambition to become an appraiser stems from over 12 years in antique sales (please see
my attached resume).
As a long-time resident of Forest Hills, I have a love of its history, architecture, and culture. I am
an active member of several local civic organizations, including the Forest Hills Historical
Society, and I'm one of the organizers of the Forest Hills Home Safety Association, with more than
2,500 members.
My aptitude for numbers and detail is suited to the field, and now that I have my real estate
appraiser's license, I'm ready to jump into a full-time position. In the late 1990s I hired Belson
Appraisers when my wife and I purchased our home. Based on my personal experience with your
agency and its excellent reputation in the real estate community, I would very much like to join
your appraising team.
I'll call you on Monday to find out when it will be convenient for you to discuss the position.
Marcus Ortiz
Attached: resume
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