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Kristine L. Jackson
Current Address
2100 Foxhall Rd, NW 555.222.4789
Washington, DC 20007
May 15, 2013
Megan Sullivan
Executive Research Assistant
Billings Leadership Partners
Dear Ms. Sullivan,
Through my connection with Lauren King, former Program Director in San Francisco, I have been aware of the great work of
Billings Leadership Partners for several years. With my comprehensive background in transformative program development,
authentic partnership building, and leadership coaching, I am very intrigued by the Program Manager position.
Creating a leadership pipeline in the nonprofit and public sectors is an issue about which I have long been passionate since my
years directing Teach For America (TFA) programs and community initiatives. In these capacities, I have been very successful at
balancing multiple needs individual coaching/mentoring, organizational development, and innovative program design. While
leading the Communities for Children TFA initiative focused on prevention programs for youth, I not only selected and While
leading the Communities for Children TFA initiative focused on prevention programs for youth, I not only selected and
trained thirty-five TFA members, but also provided technical support to the communities in just two years, this initiative
brought in over half a million dollars in new community funding and engaged thousands of volunteers. This was achieved
through my strong understanding of how to effectively coach and support on an individual and organizational level, as well as
how to build meaningful and genuine community relationships.
My commitment to education reform has been shaped by experiences gained since my first position after college as a Program
Coordinator for the Yellow House, an organization focused on working with students who had dropped out of public schools and
were pursuing their GED. In this position, I established a ten month service-learning project funded by the StateFarm Good
Neighbor Grant, which focused on teaching community members the importance of maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. Since
this endeavor, I have been involved in both the hands-on level and systemic issues of education reform, including working on the
impact of failing schools in Las Vegas communities and volunteering at an alternative school in Oklahoma.
Through my career and community service experiences, I have developed extensive training/coaching, facilitation,
programmatic, and presentation experience. My successes in this area are indicative of my natural ability to understand the same
population that is a part of the Billings Leadership Partners as well as my strength in communication.
I am currently in the process of a confidential job search as I am relocating to Washington, DC very soon. I am very flexible on
timing and am available for next steps in this process. This position merges my passion for change through education,
programmatic/management experience, and love of coaching others to be community leaders, so I look forward to engaging in
further conversations regarding this opportunity!
Best regards,
Kristine L. Jackson
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