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Production Worker Cover Letter Sample
William Blake
1221 Illustration 21 XE Street
California, CA 92336
July 15, 2011
Mr. Johnny Walker
Hiring Manager
Pepsi Refreshments
29, Special Avenue
Los Angeles, 47336
Subject: Cover Letter for the post of Production Worker.
Dear Mr. Walker,
It was only yesterday while I was surfing the internet for gainful employment when I came across
this vacancy related to ‘Production Worker’, at ‘Pepsi Refreshments’. I was overwhelmed at the
opportunity as I will surely take advantage of the diverse experience that I have regarded this
position. Being an excited Production Worker will be reflected in the resume attached along with
this letter.
As far as the manufacturing area is taken into consideration, I have gotten tremendous experience,
apart from being hard working and honest as far as my job is concerned. Everything ranging from
the inventory to forklift has been handled by me as part of the experience gained all through the
years. In fact, I am well versed when long shifts and minimum or short breaks are taken into a
routine practice.
In addition to the above, the skills that I hold are also exhibited during preparation of work papers
meant for outgoing shipments and materials that are brought in. The high risk environment
surrounding my workplace makes me appreciate the way precautions for safety for all individuals
are indispensable.
For the purpose of exploring this chance of being employed with this company, I would prefer to
be interviewed here. I will be in telephonic contact with you for the purpose getting an appropriate
date for the same. For this, I will call you in the coming week. You are free to call me at 888-777-
6666 if you are confronted with any questions related to my resume.
Thank you for the time and your consideration.
William Blake
Encl.: Resume
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