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A sample of a Production Supervisor Cover Letter is as under:
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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,
I saw your advertisement in one of the leading newspaper regarding the post of Production Supervisor. I want to apply for the
same job. I feel my qualifications and my skills would prove to be an asset for your organization. I am pleased to submit my
qualifications in the attached resume.
I am looking for an honored job that will utilize my five years of experience. Following are few highlights of my experience that
strongly matches with the objectives that you are seeking:
1. Responsible for production planning and scheduling to control production flow.
2. Responsible for inventory management in order to ensure just in time delivery to the broad customer base.
3. Responsible for supervising general operations and reallocating tasks and resources for production process.
I am a focused, self-directed and competent person. I also have exceptional communication, interpersonal, analytical and
organizational skills and a lot of experience in this field. I am very efficient employee and I have dedicated myself completely to
the production related activities. I have made numerous contributions to my previous organization. You will come to know about
them after reviewing my resume.
I have gained strong position in my previous company due to my excellent leadership qualities. I was handling various important
activities in my previous job. In addition to my qualifications, I also have a decent amount of experience in supervising the
production staff and working with high net worth clients. I have even accelerated the achievement of my goals and positioned
myself as a valuable resource in a variety of situations.
I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. If you do think there is a shared interest, I would greet the chance to
meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.
Thank you for your consideration.
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