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Kimberley Williams
44 Smith St
Local QLD 2600
T: (00) 1234 678
M: 0400 000 111
Hayley Stevens
Recruitment Officer
West Goolagong Police
Locked Bag 4321
West Goolagong QLD 1234
Dear Ms Stevens,
Re: Police Officer position, West Goolagong Police Force
I would like to apply for the full-time Police Officer position with the West Goolagong Police
Force as advertised in The West Goolagong Courier on 28 October 2008.
I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Police Studies in 2005 with a
major in Welfare and Justice studies with Distinction.
As a police officer with the East Witwick Police Force for the past two years, I have gained a
thorough understanding of the role of policing in the community and the importance of upholding
integrity and the law as a police officer. I have an excellent level of fitness, no prior convictions
and am honest and hard working.
Previous to my studies in law enforcement, I worked extensively in Human Resources with a
My excellent communications skills and thorough, detail-oriented style would be an asset to the
force and I would like the opportunity to be interviewed for a position with the West Goolagong
Police Force.
I have enclosed my resume and academic transcript. Thank you for considering my application.
Yours sincerely
[sign here]
Kimberley Williams
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