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33 N 7th Street
Lawton, Ok 77773
May 19, 2015
Mr. Cary Grant
Manager Human Resources
Family Health Hospital
89 28th Street
Lawton, Ok 73634
Dear Mr. Grant:
In response to your recent advertisement for a vacant position of Phlebotomist at Family Health Hospital, I would like to
offer my services for this job. As a results-oriented individual with three years’ demonstrated experience working in medical
lab settings, I am confident that I am the right candidate that you are looking for.
I have a successful track record of obtaining blood draws and performing related Phlebotomy duties. My major strengths
– Thorough understanding of laboratory procedures and equipment
– Well-versed in verifying specimens
– Highly skilled in using a laboratory information system
Your position requires expertise in venipuncture techniques to perform specialized blood collection activities. My extensive
experiences has developed a strong ability for the same by following correct collection protocols in order to ensure accurate
test results. Moreover, I posses advanced knowledge of the protocols that define universal blood and body fluid precautions.
Besides, I possess the capacity to work and maintain a safe work environment.
I look forward to contributing my phlebotomy knowledge and experience for the success of your hospital’s lab. I will call
you during next week in order to setup a time of interview. Meanwhile, I may be contacted at (555) 201-5555 if needed.
Thank you in anticipation of your kind consideration.
Sincerely yours,
Lee Walker
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