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Scott Berry
4351 Sunny Glen Lane
Warrensville Heights,OH
Phone: 216-780-0894
Louisa Hudson
Viad Corp
2660 Ottis Street
Oklahoma City
Date: 16-11-2010
Dear Mr.Hudson,
$position is what I am looking for since long time as it perfectly matches with my educational
qualification. When hear about vacancy in Viad Corp at Warrensville Heights via , I
immediately thought of applying for it.
My work experience includes:
Responsible for all fault finding, planned maintenance and process related problems within
department’s machinery.
Responsible for quality control of all production.
Liased with mastering for optimum process and quality.
Responsible for all auxiliary equipment (compressors, chillers, air conditioning and dryers).
Training of all new operators.
Strictly follows health and safety procedures
After accomplishment of my graduation, I have been waiting for such opportunity which can
allow me to learn and prosper. Kindly note down by contact address to decide the day and date of
Yours Sincerely
(Scott Berry)
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